CoAqua, Super Premium 100% Coconut Water 8.4fl.oz Bottle - 12-Pack

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Cartons of 12 bottles

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You’ll taste the difference immediately. Our premium coconut water - It’s sweeter, more coconutty, it’s bottled in endlessly, recyclable, sustainable glass ... it’s just, better.  

Coconut water came on the scene as a sports replacement drink but we think that’s a bit limiting. Sure, it’s got natural electrolytes, sure it’s hydrating but it’s a lot more than that...

It tastes amazing. It mixes with watermelon, lime and a bunch of other fruits. It’s at home in smoothies. No one’s stopping you mix it with vodka and lime, there are no rules saying ‘no rum allowed’ or adding a drop of Gin... and create a Green Issac Special.  

CoAqua is 'super-premium' coconut water from fresh young coconuts harvested at around 7 months of age.  Straight from coconut trees in tropical SE Asia and into the bottle.

  • No added sugar

  • No preservatives

  • No fat or trans fat

  • No cholesterol

  • Low calories

  • Picked at the perfect moment of sweetness

  • Bottled at source

Dreamed up in New Zealand. Bottled in the Tropics.