Our Story

Our Founding

After spending some time in the rock n’ roll scene, founder Grier Govorko was ready for a change of pace. Retired from that chapter, he found himself in Thailand, and discovered how incredibly delicious and hydrating coconut water could be. With a mission to create a more premium and eco-conscious product, CoAqua was born!

Think Big. Be Kind. No Excuses. 

Dedication to social impact is a passion and non-negotiable for the CoAqua Crew, which is why we partnered with Bikes for Kids Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization with a sole focus on creating confidence and building aspiration in at risk children. For every purchase from CoAqua, 10% of our profits go directly to bettering the lives and futures of students who need it most. 

Drink Premium. Feel Zen. No Stressing. 

Enjoy coconut water like mother nature intended. No nasties, no additives, no preservatives. Sourced from southern Vietnam using fresh, young green coconuts for the crisp taste you crave. No extra sugar needed here. 

Consume Smart. Live Responsible. No Polluting. 

CoAqua is dedicated to 0% plastic packaging, because we know we can do better. 10 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year, and we want no part of that. Our cans are 100% recyclable aluminum.