The story of CoAqua

It takes some nuts to get these nuts

Our search for the best coconut water to Vietnam and back

Take a production designer, a chef, and an enigmatic beauty called Coco, and you’ve got Coco’s Coconut Company and a drink called CoAqua®.

I’m Grier and I founded Coco’s with Steve & Coco. Steve & I are both New Zealanders by birth, but we’re global adventurers by nature. As for Coco, she's the enigmatic glamorous beauty in the background and likes to remain aloof.

I headed off to Los Angeles in the early ’90s, and became the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ production designer, while Steve molded himself into a hospitality startup guru, and took on Shanghai just as the former Pearl of the Orient was reinventing itself again as a world city.

If you’re wondering where the coconuts come in, here’s the story: during those giddy years in LA, I needed an occasional retreat from the adrenaline-fueled world of rock and roll, and I found it on a pristine tropical island in Thailand. That island became my sanctuary - a quarter-acre of paradise, coconut palms, and waves at my front door. I went there to swim, to relax…and increasingly to fall in love with a drink that “grew” in my garden.

I began to wonder why more people weren’t drinking it. I talked to Steve, my man in the business of food and beverages, and when we started taste-testing the products out there we realized the reason was that most consumer coconut water products were just not all that great. 

And so began an almost obsessive, months-long journey around Southeast Asia on a quest for the perfect coconut water. It was a journey that ended in Vietnam, where we found the finest green coconuts, the best coconut water, and - perhaps most importantly - a bottling plant for the water.

Why glass bottles? Well, because we never considered anything else. We don’t like plastic, we’re not sold on tetrapak, and we felt from the beginning that CoAqua® is a drink that should look just as good as it tastes. Using glass bottles for our Coconut water is one way we do our bit  - find out why here.

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