About CoAqua

Coconut water...the 'everywhere drink'

You may have noticed a lot of coconut water brands talk about the amazing benefits of Coconut Water especially its rehydration qualities, which is true, it is a natural electrolyte-filled drink. But it's much more than an "energy drink" replacement. You don't have to have run a marathon or just finished an intense yoga class or climbed Mount Everest to enjoy coconut water.  Although you may have, expending high energy is not a prerequisite. There are millions of people living in the world's tropical belt who've been drinking it for thousands of years and for sure they're not all super-athletes. 

CoAqua is an "everywhere" drink, for everyone. 

When you're thirsty, that's a great time to have coconut water. When you're at lunch and you are bored of drinking soda water or sugary sodas, that's a great time also. When you're at the beach in the sun ... perfect time. Or if you'd like to create the next new rum cocktail..make it with coconut water. It's ok, you're allowed to. The rules are, there are no rules. 

Of course what's in it is important... but also what's NOT in it.

What is not in our coconut water

  • No Cholesterol
  • No fats
  • No added sugars

What is in our coconut water

  • Potassium (It helps with the regulation of your blood pressure & your muscles like it). 
  • Magnesium (Amongst other things, your bones love it) 
  • Lots of electrolytes

How should you drink CoAqua? 

Easy. Chilled & often!