Our story

We set ourselves a goal  - go forth,  out into the world, travel by boat, plane, motor-scooter - scour the tropical belt for the best tasting coconut water and put it in glass.  You see, glass is an endlessly recyclable material. Adding more single-use plastic bottles to the world is basically a bummer.

Our mission. Seek out the greatest tasting coconut water. Put it in something truly recyclable! Don’t be a bummer. Maybe that’s our motto.

There’s more though. Coconut water is naturally pretty damn healthy but that doesn’t mean that you can’t play around. Who said that you couldn’t mix it up?  Feel like a vodka drink, do it. Like the idea of a Green Issac Special, mix it. Sure, after a hard yoga session, or a sweaty pilates class, coconut water is undeniably great and we fully encourage the rehydration but live and let live is what we say.

Tell you the truth, we live most of the time in the tropics and drinking coconut water is part of our daily routine. Make it yours.

Grier - Founder/CEO

Prior to starting CoAqua,  Grier was a wandering nomad, designer & photographer. Bouncing between the US, SE Asia and New Zealand (where he started from) for both work and adventure.

He moved from Los Angeles to Thailand in 2004 to design an eco-resort on a remote tropical island called Golden Buddha Island. Previously he was the Red Hot Chili Peppers production designer from 1990 until the mid 2000's

Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan. In 2004 the great Tsunami crashed onto the shores of Golden Buddha Island leaving devastation in its path. 

CoAqua was born out of a love of the tropics, a love of coconut water and a desire to work hard at limiting the amount of single-use plastics in the world. Hence, bottled in glass.