Where CoAqua comes from

October 06, 2014

Our coconut water comes from...

A few hours south of Saigon, Vietnam in the heart of the Mekong delta there is an area that might well be considered the Shangri La of coconuts. Thousand of acres of coconut trees lining the banks of the tributaries and waterways of this vast wetland. From any marginal vantage point the landscape is an endless canopy of palm fronds. There's a multitude of varieties - the Fire coconut, the Malaysian red coconut, the water coconut, the dwarf coconut...more coconuts than you could shake a stick at. 

Almost all of the farms are small holdings, family run affairs with a few dozen trees, each plot tended to by family and friends. From a commercial perspective it's all very local. The farmers tend their trees, harvest the nuts and sell them to a local broker who then sells them to larger producers. It's pretty much always been this way.

The folks in the area are a friendly bunch (no pun intended), pleasant and helpful a little curious of us foreign weirdos when we show up wandering around asking what are I'm sure stupid questions about coconuts, which I assume anyone over the age of five in the delta would already know the answer to. Well, what can you do I guess? We're in the coconut water business :)

Some people ask , 'is it organic?'...the simple answer is, in the delta EVERYTHING is organic. Unlike the wealthy commercialized west with intense cropping, fertilization, genetic modification and all manner of awful modern farming techniques the delta region is truly old school. It's a poor region, there's no extra cash for all that crazy business. Just an abundance of coconut trees happily growing the way they've always done. Sure, some brands tout their organic certification...we take that with a pinch of salt. A few bucks thrown in the right hands will pretty much get you any piece of official paper you need in SE Asia. 

Our man here harvesting a bunch of fresh green coconuts knows as much about the organic certification process as I know about astro physics. So rest assured - our nuts are green and they're as fresh and clean and a drop of delicious monsoon rain.

fresh green coconuts

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