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CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water
CoAqua Coconut Water

CoAqua Coconut Water

  • Super Premium coconut water sourced from the best tasting coconuts of Vietnam's Mekong Delta.
  • Never from Concentrate, our coconuts are picked at the peak of their sweetness and packaged then and there.
  • We are against Single-Use Plastics, CoAqua packages its delicious coconut water in 100% Recyclable Aluminum cans.
  • CoAqua is rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium and filled with natural Electrolytes. A perfect substitute for sugary sports drinks.
  • CoAqua has partnered with the Bikes for Kids Foundation promising 10% of all proceeds to go towards helping end generational poverty.


Changing Lives

One Case at a Time

Sun Sweetness from the Tropics

a few of our Amazon Customer Reviews

Crystal M.

Refreshing Coconut Water

I have had CoAqua Coconut Water for 3 years now and I can honestly say CoAqua tastes so much much better than the shop bought products. Totally refreshing, My favourite drink I look forward to every morning.

Paul A.

Best Coconut Watery in New Zealand (Now in the US)

Absolutely love your CoAqua Coconut Water. It is so fresh, tasty and authentic. We have a family member with an autoimmune disorder and they have found your product to be so beneficial. Thank you,

Sydney V.


This is the only coconut water I like. It's delicious. I use it every morning in my breakfast smoothie as well as for a social drink. Yum. I've always had excellent and prompt service from this company. Highly recommend.

Kylee R.

Love Love!!!

I love our reoccurring CoAqua order. Easy & efficient process and its the best as a post training beverage!

Charlotte C.

Best coconut water on the market

I’m such a big fan of this coconut water - great for a refreshing drink or to have after the gym.

Samantha P.

So gooooood!

Love our new discovery of this coconut water. My husband loves it on ice, so good!

Tanya B.


This divine liquid is the business!

Daniel R.

Best tasting coconut water!

I have been ordering 24-packs for years now with no plans to stop. CoAqua is really the best.

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Coconuts and Community

We are so proud to announce that we've partnered with the Bikes For Kids Foundation in the mission to help end child poverty. Profits from your CoAqua purchases go directly to bringing hope and the tools that children in Title One schools desperately need. Click below to learn more about our partnership with the Bikes For Kids Foundation.

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